Your Corporate Donation Can Make A Difference.

Your Corporation's Involvement Is Integral To Our Mission

Partnering with the BMMRO and BMSF provides numerous benefits for your company while contributing to the global Brain Mapping effort. Corporate gifts can be made to support research funds, fellowships and professorships, equipment acquisition and seminars.

Additionally, corporate matching programs help motivate personnel, boost your brand and generate good will. Inquire with us today to learn how to offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles the contribution to the BMMRO and BMSF. Create Your Corporate Donation Now.

Motivate Your Personnel

It’s a proven fact that motivated workers are more productive and increase profit levels. Employees who connect with company-supported causes report elevated job satisfaction and decreased turnover.

Furthermore, it's easier to attract top talent when your company supports causes that improve lives.

Create Your Corporate Donation Now.

Generate Goodwill Internally

Companies with a strong social connection tend to increase their financial performance. Partnering with the BMMRO and BMSF expands your corporate presence in developing markets, and creates trust with your employees and customers.

Plus, you have the opportunity to build relationships with local, regional and national governmental influencers. We can strive and thrive together to better society and increase understanding through Brain Mapping and neuroscience. Create Your Corporate Donation Now.



Your Company Can Become An On-going Part Of Our Neuro Health Mission


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